• 0.10%
    Until 200% Profit
    Min Deposit: 55,555
    Max Deposit: 5,555,555,555
  • 3.00%
    For 100 Days
    Min Deposit: 222,222,222
    Max Deposit: 10,000,000,000
  • 200%
    Fast Test
    200% Overnight
    Min Deposit: 11,111
    Max Deposit: 22,222
  • 200%
    50 Days
    Min Deposit: 111,111,111
    Max Deposit: 10,000,000,000

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Live Statistics

  • Started:Dec 30, 2015
  • Running days:3033
  • Total accounts:592
  • Total deposits:$ 495,351,554
  • Total withdraw:$ 0
  • Visitors online:251
  • Last deposit:$ 11,111 (dabelxxx)
  • Last withdraw:$ 0 ()
  • Last update:Apr 19, 2024

News Update

Pending payments fixed.
Many members reported to us that their withdrawal request went pending, it's not paying instantly any more since the server upgrade in July. We are glad to announce that our programers have sorted out and fixed this issue already. Now withdrawals are instantly again as usual, all pending withdrawals were removed and the pending amount have returned to your account balance, you can either re-invest from your balance or make a new withdrawal request for instant payments. Thanks very much for all your support.
Aug-9-2016 04:32:58 PM
Bonus plan opened.
Many new clients requested to test our services before they decide to give their real try, we've just launched a testing plan as welcoming bonus to new members. You can get 200% profit Overnight in the test plan. For instance, you deposit 11111 Satoshis, you will receive 22222 Satoshis After 24 hours, profit is credited to your account balance, you can either withdraw or re-invest. This test plan is available to new members only and the deposit amount is limited to 22222.
Dec-13-2015 07:15:09 PM