• 0.10%
    Until 200% Profit
    Min Deposit: 55,555
    Max Deposit: 5,555,555,555
  • 3.00%
    For 100 Days
    Min Deposit: 222,222,222
    Max Deposit: 10,000,000,000
  • 200%
    Fast Test
    200% Overnight
    Min Deposit: 11,111
    Max Deposit: 22,222
  • 200%
    50 Days
    Min Deposit: 111,111,111
    Max Deposit: 10,000,000,000

Profit Calculator

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Live Statistics

  • Started:Dec 30, 2015
  • Running days:2975
  • Total accounts:592
  • Total deposits:$ 495,351,554
  • Total withdraw:$ 0
  • Visitors online:252
  • Last deposit:$ 11,111 (dabelxxx)
  • Last withdraw:$ 0 ()
  • Last update:Feb 21, 2024


1. Registration
To enjoy our investment opportunities, the first step is to sign up on our website. Simply follow this link and fill in a form as attached bellow to register an account.

2. Account Overview

After registration on our site, you can now login from the "SIGN IN" button on the right top of our site with your username and password and you will be redirected to your member's area.

3. Make a Deposit
3.1 To make a deposit, simply click the "Deposit" button in your member's area.

3.2 Then choose a plan and enter the amount you desire to invest and click the "Calculate" button to view your potential daily and total profits.

3.3 Then choose from which eCurrency you would like to deposit through from the drop down choices; you may choose to invest from account balance if you have enough balance for the minimum deposit for the plan you choose in specific ecurrency.

3.4 Then click the "DEPOSIT NOW" button to view your deposit details.

3.5 Then click the "PROCESS" button. If you deposit from account balance, your deposit will be done after clicking the "Process" button; if you deposit from ecurrency ewallet, you will be redirected to the specific ecurrency official website to process your deposit.

3.1.1 Bitcoin Deposits
Our system assign an unique bitcoin address for each single deposit via bitcoin; simply send the amount of BTC to the unique address shown on your deposit confirmation page; And the deposit(s) will be automatically confirmed and shown up on your account after 1 to 6 confirmations (usually within 6 confirmations, but sometimes it takes more) depends on the bitcoin network and blockchain api process.

4. Withdraw Profit
4.1 To withdraw your profit, simply click the "WITHDRAW" button.
4.1 Then you will be able to view all your available balance on each ecurrency. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw or simply click the "WITHDRAW" button if you wish to withdraw it all.
4.2 Confirm your withdraw request and it's done.

5. Account Navigation
You can manage your account and view all your account information through the account Navigation menu.