• 0.10%
    Until 200% Profit
    Min Deposit: 55,555
    Max Deposit: 5,555,555,555
  • 3.00%
    For 100 Days
    Min Deposit: 222,222,222
    Max Deposit: 10,000,000,000
  • 200%
    Fast Test
    200% Overnight
    Min Deposit: 11,111
    Max Deposit: 22,222
  • 200%
    50 Days
    Min Deposit: 111,111,111
    Max Deposit: 10,000,000,000

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  • Started:Dec 30, 2015
  • Running days:2975
  • Total accounts:592
  • Total deposits:$ 495,351,554
  • Total withdraw:$ 0
  • Visitors online:251
  • Last deposit:$ 11,111 (dabelxxx)
  • Last withdraw:$ 0 ()
  • Last update:Feb 21, 2024

About US:


Wallet+ Investment Management Inc was founded and launched as an investment project of the worldwide independent financial groups with a single objective to invest in the forex market, the futures market and the crypto currencies trading or some other format of investment activities. The program has targeted the growing needs of a diverse private institution clients and individual investors from Asian regions, USA, Canada and Europe.

Operated and managed by an experienced team of financial professionals, Wallet+ will be a most stable and secured investment program all over the world. Our mission is to provide our members the opportunity of achieving financial freedom via the global financial markets which until now have been open only to the very wealthy.
We aim to deliver the most powerful and risk-adjusted investment returns to our investors, achieving outstanding and consistent performance through the quality of our staff and experience.


Professional Management Team
Wallet+ is teamed up by a group of financial specialists who are experts in the Forex and Crypto Currencies trading for years. We have plenty of expertise and abundant experience in these fields and we are able to gain stable margins from our trading techniques. Great team makes great success. We've been teaming up offline and making amazing achievement for years and we decide to go online to help more global investors to make a stable profit.

Reasonable Investment Plans
We are offering our members 4 extremely reasonable investment plans, including "Houry" and "Daily" plans. These plans are designed by our financial experts and the ROI(return on investment) rates are based on our years of trading outcomes. Each single investment portfolio is designed with elaboration, we are able to deliver what we promise with such reasonable interest rates and we have 500% funds in reserve.

Your Money, 100% Secured
Your investment is 100% secured here in Wallet+ Investment Inc. Our website is using highly customized secured script by superb programmers and very strong DDoS Protected Dedicated server. Hackers and evildoer get no chance to access your members' area on Wallet+. Besides, we backup our website to offline database on a daily basis and our member's funds are transferred to our offline cold wallet. Your principal is secured and your profit is guaranteed.